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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Governments screw up.

The short answer

The free market is a refuge for just and fair trade.   Government control will only wipe out that refuge.  Government screws up, without malice, without conspiracy, Government screws up because it is indifferent.  Government doesn't care -- the people in government don't care -- its not their job -- they have no reason to care.


Lives spent for wimpy politicians

Why do you think politicians and government employees were willing to risk human lives in Fast and Furious?  They were trying to make a more friendly environment for policy change toward private firearms ownership.  the existing policy is US citizens have the right to privately possess firearms.  The policy change the politicians desired would complicate private firearms ownership.

That is how cold the politicians and the government employees are.  Instead of taking a clear stand, government intrigued against its people.  In the end this intrigue cost hundreds of Mexicans their lives and the life of US Border Agent Brian Terry.  Now the White House calls cover up "executive privilege."  The politicians are so aloof they don't stop to think about the human beings they have effectively murdered.

This is not caring government.  This is typical government.


About Affordable Health Care

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is government control on the free market. The main burden of the government control falls directly on the providers rather than the consumers.  But by controlling the producer, what is available to the health care consumer is restricted.   This is not the stated purpose of the act.  It is the inevitable outcome.

This is part of the reason why politicians exempted themselves form ObamaCare -- They don't want to face restrictions on their health care.  That should embarrass them.  But the politicians and government employees don't care.

Then there is the monster taxes.  During an economic depression. That shows extremely poor judgment.  There is no sign this government cares.

Free the market and you will also free the people.  Restrict government and you free the people.

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