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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gun Ban Treaty Moves Forward

by Wayne LaPierre

Today I went to New York to testify before the United Nations to stop the Arms Trade Treaty...a treaty that could ban every rifle, pistol and shotgun you own...a treaty that could turn our God-given Right to Keep and Bear Arms into a U.N.-regulated privilege...

...A treaty that has the full support of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who are eager to COOPERATE with the U.N.

With the stroke of a pen, Obama invited Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and the world's worst tyrants and dictators to rewrite our Constitution and lay waste to the Second Amendment.

After the U.N. delayed my testimony and tried to deny me a chance to speak out on behalf of gun owners like you...I stood up to those tyrants and said there will be NO COMPROMISE. American gun owners will never surrender our Second Amendment freedom...period!

But my words fell on deaf ears. Thanks to the Obama administration, this treaty is marching forward, and I need your help to stop it.


I want to make sure law-abiding Americans like you will never be forced to kneel before the altar of the U.N. and surrender your constitutional rights!

I want to make sure every American knows that Barack Obama has willingly surrendered our sovereignty and our birthright that generations of patriots have died defending.


Time is running out. The U.N. will vote on this treaty on July 27! Please stand with me and draw your own personal line in the sand against the U.N. Gun Ban Treaty before it's too late. Thank you.


Join the NRA effort to stop this firearms ban.  And get a gun.

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