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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Government policy causes unemployment.

If you read the blogs much, you find people say American corporations sent employment offshore because "Chinese slave labor" is cheaper than American labor.  You can almost hear them hissing, "Those American corporations only want profit...."

So imagine yourself a corporation who wants to make profit.  Which is a better idea: To employ skilled labor which cares about the quality of output, or; Slaves who don't know anything?

If you are making a computer or sophisticated piece of machinery, you want skilled labor.  What is the use of saving money on labor if it is such poor quality "slave" labor they always ruin the product?  Obviously, slave labor is not what sends American jobs overseas.

The American workforce is still the best there is.  That is why we make the best heavy road building machinery, for example.


Only 15 years ago, American made 80% of the world's electronics.  Not so anymore. Now, China makes most of the world's electronics.  Electronics tends to be hands off, that is mostly machine made.  Where is the advantage in cheap labor if labor is not used? 

In the United States, the environmental laws are so elaborate and restrictive, electronic manufacture is effectively banned.  The EPA has driven large numbers of high tech jobs overseas.

Another complication which makes American labor expensive is the Occupational Health and Safety Administration or OSHA.  My neighbor is a mason, and he incorporated himself.  He is the only person in his company, but OSHA requires he turn in a record of his company safety meetings.  You see the stupidity.

The American government, as the OSHA and the EPA,  is the enemy of full employment in the US.  If we ever get a responsive government, we may be able to get rid of these unconstitutional encumbrances and restore liberty.

Vote To Shrink Big Government.

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