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Monday, October 22, 2012

Arkansas Voter Fraud

There is a developing story on a widely ignored news of voter fraud in Arkansas, the state Bill Clinton used to run.  Some national news services just picked up the 7 week old story. 

The central figure is Hudson Hallum, (D-Marion AK).  Hallum was accused of "assisting voters in completing the ballots."

The other convicted figures are Hudson'd father Kent Hallum, West Memphis city councilman Phillip Wayne Carter,  and West Memphis police officer Sam Malone.  All four entered guilty pleas September 5 to charges they plotted to bribe absentee voters to cast ballots for Hallum.

$2 vodka was involved.  Naturally.

The plot thickens... on September 25, five more were indicted: Eric Fontain Cox, Amos Sanders, Lisa Burns, Deshay Lorenzo Parker III and Leroy Grant bringing the total involved to nine. 

Ironically, all the democracy fraudsters are from the "Democratic" Party. 

The initial revelation.
Follow up investigative results

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