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Monday, October 1, 2012

Obama himself outsourced jobs to China

Sorry.  ABC took down the link early in this year's election cycle.
"State owned companies do not pay their workers as well" - Chris Cuomo

ABC News aired this item on January 25, 2012.

Diane Sawyer: And as you know, ABC News is always looking for ways to bring American jobs back to America... So this week it was shocking to learn that so many great infrastructure projects are underway in America; rebuilding bridges and roads in American cities, but they've hired Chinese firms and Chinese workers. Why? 20-20 anchor Chris Cuomo is the captain of our Bringing America Back Team and he decided to track down those people who made these decisions.

Chris Cuomo: Rebuilding America crumbling infrastructure is now a priority.
Obama: “Help us rebuild this bridge (pointing). Help us rebuild America. Help us put construction workers back to work.”
Cuomo: In New York, a four hundred million dollar renovation of the Alexander Hamilton bridge. In California a whopper, a seven point two billion dollar new bridge to connect San Francisco and Oakland. And in Alaska, a proposed one hundred and ninety million dollar bridge project. Sounds like a great opportunity for government spending to actually lead to real jobs. The problem: Much of the work is going to Chinese government owned contracting firms.
Scott Paul (Alliance for American Manufacturing): “When we're subsiding jobs in China, uh, we're not creating any wealth in the United States.”
Cuomo: In Alaska,outraged union workers took to the airwaves with an obvious point.
Union Radio Ad: This is not the time to send more jobs to China. Our tax dollars will provide hundreds of jobs there – not at home.
Cuomo: US law actually requires major infrastructure projects to “Buy America” when the cost difference is reasonable. In California, US firms say they would have met those guidelines, but state officials decided to turn down federal money for a major part of the bridge allowing a Chinese company to get the job – at a cost of almost three thousand American jobs, and a potential one billion dollar boost to the struggling California economy.
California Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D) “ It would have had a multiplier effect, because you would not only have given thousands of Californians jobs, but also the subsequent spending would have been re-invested back in our economy.
Cuomo: Is this the best way to bring America back? We went to California officials who claimed the Chinese could do the work faster and cheaper.
Cuomo, live interview: Why can't the Americans do it as quickly as the Chinese? What makes them so special?
Tony Anziano (CalTrans): “One issue that you will consistently hear is every time you go to a fabrication site, in this country is that they struggle at this point in time to obtain welders. That is an issue in this country.”
Cuomo: So can you say that you guys have done every thing that you can to keep jobs here in building this bridge?
Anziano: “Absolutely.”
Diane Sawyer: But would American companies have done it, Chris, for a little less money and tried to race it along?

Cuomo: The US firms say absolutely. They say they could have done this job. And as a bigger point here, its not a level playing field, the Chinese firms are State owned, they don't pay their workers as much. That's why the Buy America laws were passed. If states can get around them, Diane, we'll never bring America back. You have to enforce the rules so that American companies can play.


The "Stimulus" largely supported overseas spending.

From ABC, July 15, 2012

Corrupt domestic "Democratic" political hacks prime beneficiaries.


Like so many other programs in the Obama administration, planning and application are poor. Sometimes even US law is ignored. It is time we consider someone new for president.

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