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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

'Bye Twinkies.

Wasteful work rules. Strikes. A hate-the-boss mentality.

These are the effects of forced unionism that destroy private-sector jobs -- and all were weapons used by union militants against Hostess.

Twinkies and Wonder Bread -- two of the company's top-selling products -- couldn't even be delivered on the same truck, and the union bosses refused to back down from their demands in the crippling strike.

Now 18,000 Hostess employees will likely lose their jobs, pending the outcome of mediation.

It's something to think about now that the union bosses are once again scheming to ram the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill through Congress and demanding more payback from Obama's federal bureaucracy.

If they get their way, we won't just be talking about Twinkies.

Mark Mix


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