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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Majority elects toadyism

Until recently, the United States practiced a form of economics called "free market" Whatever someone produced was his/hers to sell. The producer got a direct reward for producing, based on the claim that the producer had the right to sell private property. Free markets caused only indolent people to suffer, and these people were usually cared for by private charities.

The old form of economic distribution was 1) stuff was produced and 20 stuff was distributed by the "big man." This was the form used in the middle ages and in tribal society. Many people suffered (and died) under this form of economic organization. The main advantage of this form of economics is it is based on the "who you know" concept, which people naturally understand.

The majority of voters in the United States have just restated their preference for the "big man" economy. They saw Obama out distributing other peoples' taxed wealth to storm victims on the east coast, and they understood it (most Americans never have understood the free market). They understood it so they felt comfortable with it.

After four years of experiencing the failure of "big man" economy, they American majority chose to return to medieval times, where the many served the few elites again. Yesterday the majority sacrificed justice, truth, and the value of a single human being.

Sorry, America. You fell down.


barack bohica said...

A sycophantic leg-humping media, a deeply flawed public maleducation system turning out millions of stupidly pliable sheep, and an insane "progressive" political party have left America with a death wish.

Last night, that wish was granted.

Ironically, while the stock market crashed over 300 points Wednesday, the stocks of gun makers Ruger and Smith & Wesson rose several percent. Maybe there is still hope...

Bob Qat said...

I wish I could agree. Mr Obama just announced his new gun ban push.