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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Immigration "reform"

Obama thinks the 11 million illegal aliens here suddenly need for him to introduce "immigration reform."  Immigration reform means he doesn't want to bother with enforcing the law.

But Obama (once again) threw a tantrum -- insisting the reform must happen so quickly no one should have time to consider and think about the implications of changing the law.  Pass the new law before reading it!

Why the tantrum?  Is Obama so immature as to think his latest idea constitutes a panic for everyone else?  Good government is far more important than getting your own way.

Obama has to grow up.  Its a man's world out there - and America needs good government.  Obama has to man up and start taking people seriously, or go away.


TIME Magazine reported "Obama’s own proposal has been years in the making. After breaking his promise to push comprehensive immigration reform in his first term, he made a push in his second term a central theme of his campaign."

Obama breaks his promise is the thing you can take away from this item.


Our current immigration system isn't broken -- there is nothing for Obama to repair.  Law enforcement is broken -- and that is Obama's resposibility.  He doesn't enforced laws he doesn't like.  That is an infamous act, grounds to remove Obama from office.

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