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Thursday, February 7, 2013

We all had guns....

Captain Carl (LAPD, ret.) feels strongly an armed citizenry is the best ally for police.  He sent me an email full of the folksy wisdom that really works:  If you trust the people, they will behave in order to keep your trust.  Contrast that with the current government assumption that only government control is good, and individuals cannot be trusted.

This is Carl's experience as a young gun owner who learned to be trustworthy.


For just a minute let me share with you my personal experience with guns. Keeping in mind that I haven’t shot anybody in the last three or four days.

I don’t remember when my father bought me my first gun a .22 rifle but I think it was when I was in Junior High School.

My buddies and I have a lot of fun with our guns shooting varmints and such.  Then it was off to high school. Would you believe I was on the rifle team in high school? Oh yeah they did have such a thing with the finest faculty and weapons.

Can you even imagine such a thing today? The crazies would go absolutely nuts.

From the time we, my buddies and I, were in Junior High we all had guns some times more than one. I did. I had both a rifle and a shotgun.

For the most part we used them for hunting or target practice.

The fact is most of the guys I knew had some sort of gun or guns.  Did we misuse them? Absolutely not! Nor did we know anyone that did.

Now since that time I have carried a gun all of my life and never had a problem. Matter of fact I never knew anyone that did except a criminal. Now we have plenty of laws that would control these guys but the simply are not enforced.

It is time for the general public to rise up and insist that they are enforced to the letter of the law.  Gun control is not the answer this is. Put the bad guys in jail for a significant amount of time and any problems with guns will quickly go away. There are countries in this world where virtually everyone is armed and when you arm the good guys the bad guys simply behave themselves.

You may have read a recent article where a newspaper published the households address’s  that had guns and everyone was shocked. I wasn’t, it simply told the bad guys where to stay away from. Did the press report that. You have to be kidding.

The thing that a criminal [or a politician] fears more than anything else is an armed victim.


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