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Monday, February 4, 2013

Why the problem?

Guns in the hands of the mentally ill.

This email was sent to me by a retired captain from the Los Angeles Police Department.  The captain points out the nation has a violence problem because our society has allowed the violent to roam among us.  

He begins:

Would you really like to know why we have so many disturbed individuals running loose in our communities?

Well like most thing you can blame it on some dim witted politicians.

Some years back the politicians looking to save some money listened to the behavioral scientist who told them it was a waste of money to have the number of mental health facilities that we had in California at that time. They argued that these people could be treated with drugs rather than be housed in institutions.

The then Governor, Reagan thought that this was a great idea and went about closing many of these institutions.

So the program was instituted well it doesn’t take a genus to figure out what happened after they turned these folks loose.

Could they be treated with drugs? Yes. But they didn’t mention who was to see that they took the medication?  Nobody, that’s who.

We police officers saw the immediate impact when we took the mentally disturbed to County Hospital for their evaluation and saw these folk back on the street almost immediately.

There was simply no place to put them and there isn’t to this day.



It isn't We the People and our guns.  Its the slothful 'experts' and the politicians they manage to persuade.  Any policy designed to victimize the People for the fecklessness indifference of the politicians is going to be both ineffective and immoral.

(I think the record shows 'experts' have persuaded far more Democrats than Republicans to do the lazy thing. But Mr Reagan was the 'experts' victim in California.)


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