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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Brazilian violence is way worse than US

despite low levels of gun ownership.  But the Brazilian liberal-lie-factory (media) says guns cause Brazilian violence.  What?

Private firearms ownership is practically banned in Brazil. Despite written laws that state a person may be armed, actually getting the permit to own is very difficult and time consuming. Even after all the paperwork has been turned in and the fees paid, the applicant may wait for years to get the permit. So I was interested to read that Brazil is awash in gun crime.

From an article entitled Brasil lidera ranking de mortes por arma de fogo, aponta pesquisa published in Folha De S.Paulo

"Brazil is the country with most firearm deaths among the 12 most populous countries of the world. In all, were killed by gunfire in 2010 36,792; against second-placed Mexico, with 17,561 deaths in 2010.

"In terms of violence by firearms, the country of "nice guys" exceeds in relative terms and in absolute numbers population giants like China and India.

"The data in the "Map of Violence 2013" is based on data collected by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, for the year 2010. Based on the same 2010 data, published last year, young people and blacks were targets of the violence."

Folha De S.Paulo reported Brazil has 19 firearms related murders per 100,000 population, compared to the United States firearms related murders of 3.9 per 100,000.

The article goes on to state that "easy access to guns" causes this murder rate. Easy access is a flexible term: There are an estimated 15.3 million guns in Brazil, among an estimated population of 200 million -- that indicates 7% of the households have a firearm. Compare that to the United States where about 47% of households have a gun (and the US has a lower murder rate).

This report clearly demostrates there is an inverse relation of "easy availability of firearms" to murder rates. The easier firearms are to get, the lower the murder rate from firearms.

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