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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Liberator "wiki weapon" panic

The new stir in the gun control debate is coming out of your 3D printer. No, really. An organization named DEFCAD has developed a rather bulky, single use pistol which can be printed in plastic. One shot means only one shot, then the weapon is useless.

DEFCAD has re-invented the zip gun. But Senator Chuck Schumer, and other enemies of the people, have become very concerned that any nerd with thousands of dollars of equipment will start making one shot firearms (the pistol shown at the link is the US military side arm, not the printable plastic pistol). Schumer is the Senator who tried to ban rifle ammunition back in the 80s.

DEFCAD apparently named their handgun after the impractical Allied handgun deployed in Europe in the fight against Nazism. Neither handgun is particularly useful, but will be a keen interest to tech buffs (and morons in the Senate) for the novelty aspect.


The weapon may already be illegal to own or manufacture.  See Wikipedia Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988

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