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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Immigration reform bill

The newly amended 1,198-page "comprehensive" immigration bill was plunked on Senate desks last Friday afternoon. On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid forced through an initial vote over the objections of senators who said they had not read it. Sen. Mike Lee labeled the ploy "banana republic" politics.
The bill bribes reluctant senators to get their votes. A provision slipped in to extend taxpayer-financed advertising for Las Vegas casinos and other tourist attractions converted Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada into a last-minute co-sponsor. A $1.3 billion jobs program mollified Sen. Bernie Sanders (Sec. 1102(f), Sec. 1501).

Top banana Harry Reid is spending your money to buy support for his agenda and power. The nation is reeling under the Obama health law, rammed through the Senate by Reid in a similarly corrupt manner. The hurried vote on Monday produced a 67 to 27 majority (including 15 Republicans) that will move immigration reform to a final Senate vote later this week, and then on to the House of Representatives.

The House should discard the Senate bill and give us a series of 20-page bills in plain, honest English that members will read before voting. Opponents of the Senate bill object to its failure to secure the borders. Last week, the Congressional Budget Office report validated their concern, concluding that the bill would reduce illegal immigration by a meager 25 percent, making future amnesty crises inevitable.

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