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Thursday, September 26, 2013

California: $10/hour

California raised private minimum wage to $10 per hour

Luis Alejo of the California State Assembly was on CNN this morning, saying California's minimum wage hike was good for business.  He said that when workers make more they spend more.  News flash:  When businesses pay more, they buy less -- labor in this case.  A higher minimum wage will only raise unemployment. 

In aggregate, workers won't make as much as before the state Assembly raised their wages.  As an economist would say. if the cost of an input to production rises, other inputs are substituted for the one with the rising cost.  Eventually, a solution is found ans the high cost input is removed from the production process.

The only reason why the Assembly raised the minimum wage is to condition the people of California think they have to go to government to get a wage. 

Fascism is a form of government where the government takes control of elements of production but does not own them.  There is no the general seizing of assets as under communism.  This leaves the politicians with a handy scapegoat to blame when policy inevitably fails.  The economic system is based on deception, compulsion and force.

California has become another example of the Democrat-fascists creating a dependent state.  The expansion of state power is done by means of taking control of one of the inputs to production.  In a minimum wage, the government explicitly doesn't take ownership; the government doesn't even pay for the wage rise. 

The fact that this will create misery for the people in the long run means nothing to California's Democrat-fascists.

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