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Monday, September 16, 2013

Terrorist attack on DC Naval Yard

The nation's capitol suffered violence today.  At least 12 are known dead, one shooter is dead, and two other shooters are at large.  The three shooters went to the Naval Yard in Washington and opened fire.   The fact that there was 3 shooters on a military supply base shows this was a militant-terrorist attack, not a local crime.

Also, on the agenda, Obama gave a speech today.  The planned speech was an attack on Republicans and their desire for fiscal responsibility in government.  But because of the shooting in Washington DC, Obama had a chance to attack the people's right of self-defense too.  Obama called these remarks "commonsense gun control." 

In other words, the usual nonsense.  Obama finds our gun rights in the way of his despotism, so when criminals attack, Obama defends criminals and attacks us.  Does that man ever realize our only hope for self-protection is our own guns -- we are not letting go of our self-defense.  He doesn't plan to defend us when we are in need.  From Obama's perch he can only see that Americans' individual civil rights are morally wrong. 

Obama's media lapdog CNN is comparing today's shootings to September 11th attacks on New York City and Nidal Malik Hasan's shoot up at Fort Hood.  That is a reasonable comparison from CNN, for a change.

Clearly this terrorist attack, stems from the hatred Obama's clumsy foreign policy has engendered.  Terrorists all over the world have been encouraged by Obama's tendency to attack America's allies and citizens.  Obama's blindness about threats to the lives of American citizens forgets the Worldwide Caution the US Department of State posted for Americans who planned international travel as recently as last February.

We'll see.


Update - Washington DC police, the FBI, etc, have identified Aaron Alexis as the lone gunman in the Navy Yard shootings.  His motive is still under speculation.  His past is still cloudy.  His motives and background are inextricably intertwined, so it is too early to say if he was acting as a terrorist or a nutcase.

He heard voices.  He liked to play first-person shooter games.  He blacked out in fits of anger.  He had violent episodes.   For example, in Seattle, that politically correct city, he shot out a neighbors car tires while in a rage -- although arrested, he was not prosecuted for anything.

In Fort Worth he discharged a firearms through the roof of his apartment into the apartment above.  No one was injured, but the upstairs neighbor was badly frightened.  Alexis said he was cleaning his firearm when it went off.

Nevertheless he had security clearance from the government to work at the Navy Yard.  He had served in the Navy as an electrician's assistant, until 2011 when the Navy let him go for "a pattern of misconduct." 

None of this got caught in background screenings.


Thanks to an executive order by Bill Clinton, on-duty personnel are not allowed to be armed.  The result is the Navy people were gunned down, unable to defend themselves. 

This is grimly like how schools are treated by the politically correct fascists.  Obama has already dismissed the idea that children in schools cannot have armed guards to protect them.  The unhappy result has been mass murders at schools.  Every time we the people have been forced to rely on bloated government to serve or protect us, it has failed.

This shooting is Bill Clinton's fault - for disarming the people most able to protect themselves.  Responsibility next falls on George Bush for not reversing Clinton's fiat.  Next, responsibility falls on Barack Obama for trying to advance a catastrophically failed policy of public disarmament, even while he is standing in a pool of fresh blood.

Hideous.  Only an armed people can be a safe people.

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