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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The trajectory: CNN report on the shooting White House 'visitors'

After breaking away from breaking news about Oprah Winfrey's latest round of thigh liposuction to bring viewers breaking news about a sensational- sounding shooting in front of the White House yesterday, CNN is now downplaying the story, hoping to quietly bury it by the end of today.

The incident involved a car that hit a security barricade near the White House, leading to a police chase which ended after police shot and killed the driver. The story was so important that CNN had to cancel a Miley Cyrus was drunk and a nude Justin Bieber story (in addition to Oprah's lipo) to make room for it.

Though CNN had enough journalistic integrity to never say so outright, it implied that the incident was an act of domestic terrorism, and since it occurred in front of the White House, the perp must be a right-wing racist NRA extremist who hates Obamacare and the black president who signed it into law.

Unfortunately, the driver of the car was a unarmed BLACK woman, so the media do not know how to handle it properly. Police shooting unarmed black people is usually a good story to exploit, except that it was Chairman Obama's secret police who shot her, and the Chairman is above criticism because he is black. And there was a baby in the car, making the story even more inconvenient to report. So as hours pass, the story sinks into the depths of, not quite "rectified" out of existence, but almost.

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"Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth." -- 1984

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