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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Big regulation
A month earlier, as you may recall....

The official unemployment is dropping.  But like so many figures that come out of government, this one is misleading.  There is no growth in the actual jobs market.  Government regulation is an ineffective grower of the economy.

The Left deeply desires government to be effective -- more than anything else.  To the Left, having powerful government, one that can solve social problems, is so important, they are willing to overlook the inevitable social problem such a monster would create.  The total loss of personal freedom is only the first that comes to mind.

Obviously, a tyrannical government would be able to solve serious problems,if the officials of that government had the motivations of angels.  But they would be humans, tempted by the power they possess to serve their own selves and not the people at large.  Then they play a round of golf

When the people complain about too much regulation, they are not too clear.  What they really mean to say is the regulation the government is laying on them is not in service the whole people.  The complaint is about whom the American government is serving  -- the whole people, or only the people making the regulation.

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