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Friday, January 2, 2015

Economic outlook versus green collectivism

I had a refreshing encounter with a "Democratic" Party liberal yesterday. I think I changed his mind. He came away from our conversation no longer believing that people are useless without government supervision.  Modern American "liberalism," as embraced by the Democratic Party,  has always had to soul destroying effect of government forcing people to conform.  Often the Democrats will insist they prefer force to social disaster, they hide their agenda of using more force and more force, ad perpetuae servituti subicere.

My friend's change came when he realized that society is based on individuals, and that society cannot exist without the consent of all these individuals. The purpose of government is to serve everyone, not just a segment, and government never has a right to rule over any person or segment of society to benefit another.  If you think that amounts to social consent of criminal activity, stop reading this right now. You need to rethink your priorities.


Actual economic activity in America does not benefit as many people as before Obama and the Democratic Party took power. Despite the rise in the "official" employment statistics, 9 million people are still not working -- compared to 2008, the last year of George Bush's presidency.

Here is the graph, as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at Note the dates below the graph.  The numbers to the left of the graph indicate the percentage of adult Americans (i.e. 3% of adult Americans have permanently lost their jobs during the current administration.  There is no recovery in the land of the working.)


Workers will get it even worse during 2015.  Obama has pushed into regulation new carbon emission standards which will seriously impact America energy output, and therefore employment.  A minimum of 224 thousand American workers will be added to the rolls of the (probably) permanently unemployed.

This is done in service to a widely disputed theory that human activity causes global climate change through changes in carbon output.  The carbon/climate assertion is treated with the ferocity of a hate-based religion -- the implicit assertion is "people might have to die to serve the god of climate destruction prevention."  We should be glad they only call us "climate deniers" so far.

Self styled climate activists serve the interest of expanding government power to serve the tiny number of elitists at the top.   When you lift the veil, climate activists are revealed as old fashion totalitarians with a new front.

Anyway, in the near term it will cost thousands of Americans their jobs.

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