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Friday, January 23, 2015

Falling off the floor

Have you wondered why America isn't just perking along, despite the smiley face junknews from the administration? The reports glow with how the economy is sailing along.  But this fake recovery is not for people.

The number of Americans in the workforce keeps declining.  According to the Government's Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only 62,700,000 Americans employed in December; 9 million fewer Americans have jobs than at the end of the Bush presidency.  This is the lowest number employed in the last ten years.

This is not a percentage, this is not a 'funny number', these are all of the people who have jobs. 

The current, politically tampered with, unemployment number is 5.6% in Dec 2014.  This figure is obvious bull given that millions are still out of work.  Thanks Obama, you lying dirtbag, for corrupting our data for your political gain.

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