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Friday, March 13, 2015

Palcohol - powered alcohol

Palcohol is legal to be sold in the United States, as far as the federal government is concerned.  The  Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau finally figured out how to tax its distribution.  Several states have not figured out how to regulate or tax Palcohol, and instead have moved to ban the product.

The Palcohol people insist Palcohol is getting banned because "Big Alcohol" is using all their influence to stop the spread of Pacohol.  Not likely.  The only part of the market "Big Alcohol" might risk is the inexperienced, young drinker, who doesn't care about flavor. "Cheap Alcohol" market share is slightly threatened, if they lose the market for those who prefer their booze in kit form.

Palcohol is not particularly appealing.  It will come in flavors, which right away tells you that it needs flavoring to be palatiable -- kind of like the bathtub gin in the days of Prohibition.  A fine, aged whiskey or cognac will still be the choice drink for the discriminating gentry.  Big Alcohol is pretty safe.


Palcohol's website makes some arguments why state governments should let the people stir, then drink.  They confess, "... there is not one shred of evidence that it will be used or abused any differently than liquid alcohol."  I'm not sure I would have said that.  

They point out that, "Prohibition doesn't work."  If Palcohol LLC is the only supplier, they ought to careful of painting a target on their own back. 

They say. "Palcohol has so many positive uses in medicine, energy, the military, industry, recreation, etc."  They can be sure about recreational uses, and no others, yet.

Its anybody's guess if Palcohol will make it to Washington State.  SEIU objected to losing control of the beverage industry here.  They may fight tooth and nail to prohibit Palcohol.  But if the people win, I'll give you a taste test update.

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