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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Common sense brave

Obama called for "common sense gun safety laws" after the attack on innocent Americans in San Bernardino.  Obama insists to try to hamper the People's ability to protect themselves.  Obama's idea of 'common sense' is more of the same laws we have now... just so he will look like he is doing something.  Obama is an enabler for the attackers.

Only if the people realize they are the only ones who can make themselves safe, only when the politicians stop trying to push gun control as a substitute for a vigilant, armed  people, only then will we be safe[r].


The Democratic fascist has no real feeling for human beings, so they substitute boilerplate remarks. 

Here the ordinary, Democratic Party crank can use the Democratic boilerplate code to make any criminal use of firearms into a political call to ban guns for the law-abiding.

"My heart just breaks for the victims of the _(place)_ shooting in _(city)_. Those _(number greater than 3)_ people didn't deserve to die in a hail of bullets. Thoughts going out to their families and loved ones as they mourn the senseless deaths of these _(# dead)_. I will keep the _(# wounded)_ survivors in my thoughts and hope for a swift emotional and physical recovery.

Enough hate. Enough gun violence. It's time for solutions. We have to fix what's broken. Tonight, as we think of our _(place)_ neighbors, let's all be resolute in moving forward together to make our state, our nation and world a safer place."

(based on a speech delivered by Jay Inslee, governor, Washington state)


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