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Monday, August 1, 2016


The 'Democratic' Party completed their quadrennial pageant of the mundane.  Party officials unfairly weighed in heavily against Bernie Sanders.  Lackluster Hillary Clinton was nominated to bear the Party standard.  The Party of the sodded didn't object; it would spoil the fantasy.

The Democrats:

The dented thing you get, instead of what you wanted.

Demand we slobber over them... then they curdle.

They hedge too much, or apologize too much -- or demand others apologize for not hedging.

Never had a dream.

Just swallowed several shards of glass.

Have baggage.

Insist you believe everything is just fine --- because of them. 


Won't somebody puleeze think of the children!  (Michelle's theme)

"We must rekindle the fire of idealism in our society"  (Biden - who helped put out that fire.)

Nothing stops the complaints. It must be your fault.


The "Democratic" Left believe that if someone wins, someone else loses.  To a Leftist, life is a zero sum game:  Winner + Loser = Nothing.  This explains their blankly Pollyanna convention.

But they are wrong.  In an exchange where both participants are willing, there are two winners.  Imagine a girl kissing a boy; both are getting something they like out of the exchange.  That is the character of  free market.

The "Democratic" Left always try to compel exchanges where at least one party does not have a free choice.  Big government gets to control your private behavior.

For example, you must get Obamacare  conforming health insurance or pay a penalty.  No choice; no freedom. 

You must work for at least minimum wage, even if you are so new a worker you are not yet worth minimum wage.  No job; no choice; no freedom.

To a thinking person, compulsion like this should be as enticing as the military draft. 

Compulsion is the best solution the "Democratic" Left can come up with.  Stale and stupid -- and for some reason Leftists keep voting for it.

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