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Monday, August 8, 2016

The Democratic Lie: Unemployment

The administration recently released a glowing lie about unemployment in America.  Obama claimed unemployment is a seasonally adjusted 4.9 percent (  The Bureau of Labor Statistics uses the key phrase 'seasonally adjusted' -- that is a frank admission that these numbers are contrived.  Anyway, the Clinton campaign seized upon this lie and they are using it to promote candidate Clinton's plan to use the power of government to create jobs. 

You have doubtless noticed that real unemployment is high.

Looking at the same website to see that employment has not been lower in 40 years.  Ever since Obama took over, employment has been decreasing.  This is what Clinton calls success. is the link; note that the BLS is giving out the real story behind the administration's lies. 

The genuine truth is Clinton's economic plans cannot succeed.  Government cannot create productive jobs.  Government can only produce jobs that suit government -- wasteful jobs like micromanaging bureaucrats. 

Only the private sector can produce jobs that produce something worth having, like refrigerators and carpet installers.  The current administration, feeling the pinch from the private sector, has exported millions of American jobs overseas.  That is why it is so hard to get Made in America product. 


Hillary calls the present administration a success, and has promised to expand government control in human life.  This will widen the misery of unemployment and cause America to continue to shrink in terms of power internationally.

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