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Friday, November 24, 2017

Corporate taxation

Corporations are an economic device that makes products and employs people.  Corporations are not people, and they are not monsters.  The more difficult politicians make it for corporations to function, the less product they make and the fewer people they employ.

Taxes are one way to make it harder for a corporation to function.  If corporations can pay less in taxes, they will make more product and employ more people.

Specifically, the Leftists policies have made it very hard, via taxation, for corporations to operate in the US.  So corporations have gradually moved their economic functions offshore.  One thing that has made corporations very reluctant to leave the US is the high quality of the American workers.  But that advantage can be taxed away -- there comes a point when economic facts must be faced.

The Leftists have tried to rip up the US economy by steadily increasing corporate taxes.  The Left insists this hurts nobody, since corporations are not human.  But this is an indirect tax on the wage earners, since taxes on the employer affect the employer's ability to operate (If taxes on employers are too high, employers are compelled to close up shop).  One must suppose the Left did this in order to cripple US industrial ability, and reduce America's influence on the world.

The US government has the highest tax corporate rate in the industrial world.  No wonder the country is steadily losing jobs to other countries.  We are also losing our infrastructure development advantage.   Other countries, notably China, have been busy developing their electrical and transportation networks.  This means that the longer  we dawdle on enacting sensible corporate tax policy, the more difficult it will be to re-establish our prosperity.

The Left will continue to whine about greed and rich getting richer, when in fact it is the Left's policies that have brought on much of America's economic decline.  It is high time to have tax policies that work to proper America and put Americans back to work.

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