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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Attack Lawyer Gloria Allred is behind the attacks on Roy Moore

The way you can tell a person is an abuser is by establishing a history, a pattern, of type of predatory behavior. 

Gloria Allred is leading the attack on Roy "Judge" Moore.  Several women claim there were molested by Moore in the dim past.  Moore claims there is no substance to the charges.  The politically motivated attack will go on.

Gloria Allred is an attack lawyer for the left. She has never altered her playbook. The accusations she uses are that an conservative politician that the Left fears was"inappropriate" and molested some women or teenagers.  There has never been any substance to the attacks.  Every time in recent memory, when the Big Left wants an political enemy put away, they have called upon Gloria Allred to do the lying & dirty work.

For example ---

Gloria Allred, Big Left's attack lawyer, was involved in setting up the attack against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in 2012.  Remember the allegations Cain faced, saying he molested women?  Those charges never resulted in any sort of legal action -- nothing ever happened, once Cain was out of the political picture.

Gloria Allred accused Donald Trump of sexually harassing women in 2016.  When evidence is demanded, the women involved merely whimper that they are victims of society.  We all know nothing ever came of this --- nothing ever came to trial.  Apparently there was no substance to the allegations.

Now Roy Moore is being tested with a barrage of hate and lies.  Will he give in to get personal peace against the lying Left, or does he have the sand in his innards to stand up for his own reputation and stay in the fight.  I hope so.  The Allred Left is ready to destroy democracy.

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