PreviewThe people shape their own destiny
-- either as free people or as slaves.

If they remain self-reliant, they stay free.
Left unchecked, ever-expanding state power
-- destroys lives.

Government panacea is a defective idea.
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Monday, March 30, 2020

Socialism -- What's still wrong.

So what's wrong with socialism?

Socialism is concerned with redistribution of wealth, not creation of wealth
  • Redistribution of wealth guarantees a certain minimum of level of living...
  • The level of living steadily declines since wealth gets used up.
Socialism fails to advance humanity.  Socialism causes society to suffer decline in living standards and increase in human misery.

Why would you give up the right to make your own life better?


If you think a politician  will struggle to make your life better, you are naive.  They seek their own welfare and power.  Hope in politicians is a s a false hope. History shows it.
  • Socialism denies basic human rights. 
  • Socialism creates poverty. 
  • Socialism eats human freedom
  • Socialism produces power only for politicians
  • Socialism always devolves into communism
  • Socialism always collapses into despotism and social destruction.

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