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Monday, March 23, 2009

Polarizing Rain

Its amazing what a little rain will do. It's been dry in Southern California for a while, until rain came yesterday morning. The hillsides are all cheery with green grass and brush. Soon, the green will fade and the usual sere brown will return. It is the way things are.

More significant to folks who live around here is the increase in fire hazard. The green grass is lovely now. Later, after the freshness is scorched away by the trials of summer, the grass is too willing to burn. The environmentally sound decision is to let the grass burn off. Some politically significant (i.e. very rich and connected) homeowners would feel threatened by that move, and there is a chorus of "think of the animals," so no dice.

Nature is harsh, and fire isn't humanistic, and certainly not humanitarian.

The natural world is not humanistic. Nothing real is. Humanism is not humanitarian. Humanism is totally artificial, and exists only in the minds of people who desire power over others. Thus, they demand natural fire be suppressed, even though they knew their building sites were in fire zones.

Now add in all that jazz about "carbon footprints." The allegation against fire is an increase in carbon footprint. Politicians carve out a narrow band of power in environmentalism and constantly seek to expand their sphere of influence and power. Interesting how they take Jackson Brown's advice to turn the beauty of the earth into power.

But fire is natural. Forests have burned since there have been forests. Fire serves as a coarse, natural, pruning tool. The sick and weak trees and scrub slash are cleared away. But to listen to the rabid environmentalists (especially the ones wearing FS Green), fire must be suppressed, even if it costs the health of the entire forest.

The big problem with the environment is anti-industrial humanists (not humanitarians) have discovered the enormous political power to be had in polarizing people. Whiny government pets have the floor. Green power has become a tool of authoritarians. Genuinely sound environmental policy is gone for now.


It's Garble Climate Warming now. Ahhh, I've seen the light.

Seriously, is anyone paying attention? The governmental control freaks switched the name. They call it Climate Change now. Does any of these arrogant mudsnots have any respect for anyone?

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