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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The thoroughly modern Nixon.

Mr Obama says he admires Abraham Lincoln. Then why is he copying Richard Nixon's economic (how about burglary) policies? Most Americans are too ignorant to know that the darling of the Left is copying the failed policies of the Nixon era; policies which started in the delights of high inflation, poor jobs, tin soldiers, and a general invasion of privacy.

After Mr Nixon was ejected from office by the Democreep controlled media, Americans elected Jimmy Carter. Carter gave us more and more of the same failed Nixonian policies. Things got so bad that era is called the Great Malaise.

Brace yourselves. It going to get worse. Another Nixon invention, the Environmental Protection Agency, is going to be used to justify the taxing and regulating the living snot out of anyone who dares to make anything for the rest of us.

The Democreeps finally found their dream man. Mr Obama is going to rush through all the oppressive moves of both Nixon and Carter. We will be lucky to get out alive.


The Worst One Hundred Days, so far.

Mr Obama ordered New York City to be terrified with a low altitude overflight by Air Force One. The last time New Yorkers were treated to a low pass by passenger airliners, it was a Very Bad Day. "Let them eat cake," said the Twerp in Chief.

Air Snare One
"Think about the carbon footprint, baby!" - - Mrs. Bucket

100 Days, 100 Mistakes
Scarborough, Beck & Others


Fascist Left Grasp, a website wholly controlled by the Fascist Left, has this text: "Winning campaigns in America now means finding new voters, new donors, new bases of support, and building long term movements for political power and political change."

Since the Fascist Left Democreeps have been in the business of making the dead vote, manufacturing new voters out of thin air, faking ballots, and faking returns. Then they blame their whorish bull on Republicans... what can they be talking about?

Billions of taxpayer dollars are being diverted to feed Leftist pet organizations, like ACORN, and Mr Obama's close adviser Jeffrey Immelt's GE corporation. Outright Fraud? Ya s'pose?


Miss T.C. Shore said...

Making illegal aliens into U.S. citizens is a very quick way to find new voters, too. Never mind that they've already broken the law, that they cost us billions because they don't speak the language (education costs, businesses hiring translators, products with spanish labels and instructions, etc...), and never mind that they are bringing their drug cartels and violence with them.

SarahG said...

Great blog...I loved it

Hair Bob said...

re: The Worst One Hundred Days, so far.

First off, I'm an aviation nut, a photography nut, and a big fan of our military - so taking and seeing photographs of our military aircraft gives me the same "thrill up the leg" that Chris Matthews gets from thinking about Obama. I support efforts of the US military to promote itself and encourage enlistments, be it through public demonstrations of its abilities via teams like the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels, or from photography presented at military news sites like and

But the recent snafu created when one of the presidential VC-25 transports and an F-16 escort flew low over New York City for a photo opportunity was handled with all the finesse and careful forethought that has defined the Obama administration - i.e. none. One would think that it might have occurred to White House staff that letting the NYC public know in advance what was going to happen would have been item one on the list. I guess those Obama officials share the mindset of the media that 9/11 really didn't happen after all, or at least is so "old news" (read: counter to the agenda) that it isn't worth mentioning any more. Quite obviously, the good citizens of New York have a somewhat different opinion... And what do they get from the White House? A circle-jerk of feigned outrage and arse-covering. Way to gobama!

And the most ironic part of all this? Most of the folks feeling the knot of fear tightening in their gut the other day voted ~for~ the guy that made it happen...