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Friday, June 26, 2009

Carbon Credit Creepiness and The End of Merit

Merit, which used to define how far some one could rise, is being tossed aside. The non-political classes (read us) have had it too good on our own merit. The new policy will direct the common masses (again, read us) move about less, consume less, and lose individual liberty. This is for Mother Earth, the neo-pagan goddess. Individuals are unimportant. Think loss of traditional humanity.

The religious social design being implemented in Washington DC is one of conventionalized norms. Lest you think the convention is one of personal liberty and responsibility, think again. This is a neo-pagan norm, determined the Democreep convention. There will be no tolerance of straying from the 'right' path laid down by party diktat.

What, you say, Mommy Earth does not speak? Oh? AlGore insists she has. Thousands of "scientists" (with government funding) insist she has. Anyone with a hand in the pie, eating your plums, will agree. Therefore, the Democreep controlled government says, We Must Control Demon Carbon.

Weird, isn't it? The carbon penalty is politically sensitive. If a state practiced good government, tolerated religion well, and permitted its people to proceed with their lives, Those States! Those are the ones who have refused to go deeply into debt and come up bankrupt. Those villains will now feel the Wrath and Grate of the Rich and Powerful Obamunists!

The carbon cap and trade rules are rigged to heavily disfavor states with traditional administrations, states which dared not to favor the Great Lord Obama.

Individual freedom will now die. Deviance will not be tolerated. Only top-down, government issued, single policy will be permitted. All other views are heretical and must be punished. In the name of the Mother Earth... The American people must bow to this theological tyranny.

Sickening, isn't it?

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