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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Health Care Update - It More Than Money

The Senate promises to contain cost in the massive government plan to undermine American health care. But it ain't only the costs, it's one-size-fits-all government screw up which concerns me; it's the end-of-life consultation; it... costs.

It's government issued health care. Government has never been innovative in the history of the world. All the government has ever succeeded in doing is war. Everything else has been a bust. America's founders realized high quality war was the only thing government is able to deliver and kept the role of national government limited to providing for the common defense.

But there is a larger agenda. Government types are not interested in compassion unless it keeps them in power. They will put on the appearance of compassion to win votes until they have penetrated the system far enough not to need votes anymore. Some government people short cut and become powerful bureaucrats.

For the Leftist “liberal” to have an interest health care has to disrupt existing social order (increase social disorder). Anarchy is their path to power. First they create the anarchy, and then they offer to suppress it as only they know how. Each time they go through the cycle, they will insist more civil right be surrendered to them. After all, it is the only way to get the government's work done.

Can you imagine a method of control more complete than control over someone's health? If doctors must have government approval to get meds, and government approval to give treatment, and government payment to support themselves, how will the individual be able to get treatment outside the system?

The current plan is a dangerous step leap in that direction. The plan builds a bureaucracy to run the whole health care apparatus. Government will have nearly unlimited power to look up your bank account and drain it if the health control bureau decides it's the thing to do. Government automatically excludes private ownership of hospitals. And government will provide free, unregulated care to unregistered, illegal foreigners. In sum, the plan calls for huge regulatory power over individuals, and an increase in illegal immigration.

We'll all be facing the faceless bureaucracy. Maybe Mr Obama can be trusted with this amount of power, despite his “Let them eat cake” attitude. For you George Bush haters out there, imagine Mr Bush, or someone like him, with this kind of power.... There is a cost both in money and in loss of freedom.

I can't trust any politician to that degree.

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Courtney said...

Whoever controls our health, controls our lives.