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Friday, August 7, 2009

Whacky, from whacky-terbacky?

I get some emails from the authoritarian Left. The following is an excerpt from a email.

"If the shouts of the right-wing mobs are the only voices our senators and representatives hear over the recess, we'll have a hard time passing health care and clean energy legislation.

"That's why we're launching our Heat Up Congress campaign so quickly to fight back, using new technology to implement rapid response town hall turnout, organizing personal phone calls from small business leaders and donors to their representatives, running new ads, and activating an energized network of on-the-ground organizers and volunteers.

"This month could decide the future of health care and clean energy in America—and we're already one week in. If you've been sitting on the sidelines, now's the time to get involved. Talk to your neighbors, go to a town hall meeting—and today, please chip in $35 to support our work:

"–Justin, Matt, Nita, Kat and the rest of the team"


The crowd seems to have a narrow minded focus for their version of reality. So much so they are apparently mobilizing the base with scare tactics.

The sense in the email is are the only ones who hold a normal view and all others are deviant so must be suppressed... that seems current among the Left. Striking how well that fits the definition of paranoia.

I wonder if this comes from over-indulgence in drugs. That seems to be a common source of delusional behavior. Dunno.


I should point out what MoveOn calls clean energy is really hyper-taxed energy use. We the people will pay through the nose so government droids can spend like drunken bums on their buddies and pet projects. That's corruption, isn't it?

I should also point out we are talking about the future of health care, i.e. whether we the people will be able to control how much health care we get. I would rather have personal control over my personal health than hand over the control to some government bureaucrat. MoveOn's notion that I am a cookie-cut robot of the far right only serves to justify their impersonal plans for my health care. No, thank you... and don't try to shove it down my throat.


A note to Paul -

Please accept my sympathy that your relative had health provision problems. Problems will only get worse under Mr. Obama's plan. Keep in mind I presume no one not 'political class' intentionally distorts the truth. But politicians lie. Its part of the job description.

The point is, if you think private company bureaucrats can be uncaring and indifferent, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

There is an insult in your remarks. Tea Baggers and Birthers? Lessee, that is one from the overtaxed working class and one from the far out Hillary support crowd... so they're keeping company these days? Always remember that complaining, even by such a diverse group as they, is always patriotic. Even if it your party getting the barbed end.

There is an emotional disconnect. Hating George Bush is a poor endorsement of Mr Obama's policies, and is cheap. The suggestion that someone else did it somehow justifies the current insanity is unsound reasoning. Fer Heaven's sake, don't say the Repellicians do it, therefore the Democreeps are justified. Sorry, but that's stupid.

Perhaps you see conspiracy in the forest of private companies, each vying for you patronage. I can only predict the outcome of nationalized health care, based on every other instance in history, how compulsory government health regimentation will turn out.

Check the history.

Start with Uruguay, and don't forget the worker's paradise Soviet Union. Examine the nightmare of Cuba health care, and not the Potemkin hospitals on display for foreign journalists.

Examine page 58-59 of the current legislation, where the government will draw down all your private resources before paying your bill. Check out the Quality of Life/ End of Life question (pages 424 through 430) where if the prognosis is not for improvement, government does not pay.

Try it, you won't like it. Read the bill.

If you want to change the system, be sure the change is an improvement. About 80% of the allocation of this proposed bill is for administrative overhead. If you are expecting improvement to health care in this bill, you are in for a disappointment.

If this health care bill is really all about health care, why are there means tests in it? If it is going to be government pay, then have it be government pay and get out of the way. But No/ The administration's plan is more government control without any added government service.

We will all be far more screwed with this public pay than with private insurance bureaucrats. Read the bill. You can get an accurate copy at the Thomas web site Health Bill Link.

1 comment:

Paul said...

It’s funny we hear Republicans say that they do not want “faceless bureaucrats” making medical decisions but they have no problem with “private sector” “faceless bureaucrats” daily declining medical coverage and financially ruining good hard working people. And who says that the “private sector” is always right, do we forget failures like Long-Term Capital, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Enron, Tyco, AIG and Lehman Brothers. Of course the federal government will destroy heathcare by getting involved, Oh but wait, Medicare and Medicaid and our military men and women and the Senate and Congress get the best heathcare in the world, and oh, that’s right, its run by our federal government. I can understand why some may think that the federal government will fail, if you look at the past eight years as a current history, with failures like the financial meltdown and Katrina but the facts is they can and if we support them they will succeed.

How does shouting down to stop the conversation of the healthcare debate at town hall meetings, endears them to anyone. Especially when the organizations that are telling them where to go and what to do and say are Republicans political operatives, not real grassroots. How does shouting someone down or chasing them out like a lynch mob advanced the debate, it does not. So I think the American people will see through all of this and know, like the teabagger, the birthers, these lynch mobs types are just the same, people who have to resort to these tactics because they have no leadership to articulate what they real want. It’s easy to pickup a bus load of people who hate, and that’s all I been seeing, they hate and can’t debate. Too bad.