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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Egg Roll Obamunism

The massive government Left seeks to destroy the individual, replacing us humans with statistics. They remind me of J B Priestly's remark about the soclialist state's logical conclusion.

"Between midnight and dawn, when sleep will not come and all the old wounds begin to ache, I often have this nightmare vision of a future world in which there are billions of people, all numbered and registered, with not a gleam of genius anywhere, not an original mind, a rich personality, on the whole packed globe."

What occupied Priestly was he was also socialist. Priestley had a healthy distrust of the massive state, social intrusiveness and political dogmatism. Its alarming that Leftist politicians are so contemptuous and resentful toward their constituents.

In other words, We're doomed.

So its high time to have a little laugh at these Big Government Leftists. I know that is like telling the robbery victim to have a little fun with the armed thug. It gets dangerous when the thug takes offense. But our option is to lie back and not make a sound.

The 'Chia Obama' bobble head can be had for $20. Leftists hate it (but the White House is reputed to have one). Be sure to get one, since they feature a "Convenient Drip Tray" (how nice!). It will give you a chance to give Effigy Obama a taste of the same fertilizer he is giving us.


Thanks to Bob1, who hurt his back laughing at the Left, who said, "I suspect I am ROTFBAR (Rolling On The Floor Being A Racist)."

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