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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Security and Secrecy

Security and secrecy go hand in hand.

The American economy is still unsteady, mostly due to Mr Obama and Co.'s heavy-handed handling of everything. A credit crunch which resulted from a cover up of Rep Barney Frank's(D) pay-offs to his buddies, has propagated through further misdealing by the rest Democreep horde.

We want a sense of security. Cash and property give a sense of economic security. When the government is poised to tax away cash and take away property, secrecy will enhance security. What you don't want to lose, you hide. Secrecy gives an immunity to taxation. From Daniel Mitchell:

"Libertarians and other free-market advocates welcome tax competition as a way of restraining the greed of politicians and guaranteeing an efficient and prosperous state – unlike the bloated failed states littered throughout history.

"For example, a renewed surge of tax competition lead to a lowering of tax rates in the Reagan-Thatcher era. As rates started to drop, politicians were forced to be more competitive... since their "golden goose" could essentially fly across the border and find better accommodations abroad.

"But collectivists despise tax competition — for exactly the same reason. They want investors, entrepreneurs, and companies to passively serve as free vending machines, dispensing never-ending piles of money for politicians…"

Daniel J. Mitchell, Cato Institute

Private secrecy is not government secrecy. The very characteristic which makes secrecy desirable to private individuals makes secrecy anathema to democratic society. A private person or corporation influence (and danger) is peanuts compared to government. Government invades markets and private life by force. Private persons and corporations have to make mutually beneficial arrangements.

Toward that interest, where is the best place to hide wealth worldwide? The answer is a bit surprising. It's... Delaware?

Delaware's financial secrecy is rated against other candidates here.


A note to you inhuman haters of plenty and all you leftist Democreeps: Don't worry, privacy is not tolerable to the Leftist controlled press nor its puppet President, Mr Obama. They'll get after Delaware one of these days.

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