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Monday, December 21, 2009

Health Control Update

"A crucial, middle-of-the-night test vote behind them, Senate Democrats on Monday remained on track to pass historic health care legislation by Christmas, preparing for more votes at odd hours to overcome unanimous Republican opposition." AP Story

Nothing good ever happens in the middle of the night. The Democreeps used a middle of the night vote to eliminate discussion on a very sweeping health care underhaul.

The AP story goes on to say the health care access control "try to slow ruinous increases in medical costs." The only way the nation can reduce health care cost is if we get the Democreeps and bureaucrats and lawyers out of the doctors' way. This government control bill does the exact opposite. Meanwhile, the bill will increase at least $1 Trillion dollars. This is Democrazy cost control, corruption style.

If costs are being controlled, who gets that extra trillion? Lawyers. The American Bar Association is the largest, reliable supporter of the exceptionally greedy Democreep Party.

Obama asserted the enormous increase in spending will cut the national debt. After the lies Mr Obama published about the "Stimulus Package" last January (and the way it took care of every economic problem), reasonable people realize the President is insane or a crook.

After this epic period of corruption, the Democreeps reckon they will have so much money stashed away they will be able to buy the next "election." The American experiment may be over.

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