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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama's Grand Deception

Mr Obama's grand deception on Government Health Access Control. Mr Obama is an enemy of free America! Yesterday, Obama's enlistee the AP, put out a disinformation story yesterday that health care reform was dead. Disinformation is what the military calls false information used to mislead the enemy. Mr Obama and the Leftist Democreeps regard us as enemies.

"Reid is moving to cut off debate on ObamaCare as soon as this Friday and we still haven't seen the bill! I believe a grand deception is under way.

"Yesterday's meeting between President Obama and the 60-member democratic caucus means we've reached the end game on the Senate ObamaCare vote."
-- Steve Elliott

Not satisfied with the huge public debt ball they made, Democreeps are using billions extra of our tax money not to buy better health care, but to sweeten the pot for themselves and their corrupt buddies.

The Corrupted
Mary Landrieu (D-LA) - $100 Million tax dollar pay off.
Joe Lieberman (I-D- CT) - Blame Lieberman for failure of Public Option and give him everything and anything he wants to pass the bill.
Ben Nelson (D-NE) and all of Nebraska is being threatened with having every major military installation shut down.
All Democrat Liberals are being told they have to accept ObamaCare to keep from being accused of "killing reform." in next year's election.
Manipulate the CBO scoring by dropping Medicare changes.

Communist “compromises”
Public Option in House/Senate Committee compromise
Expand publicly funded Abortion
Medicare Cuts -- Seniors lose $500 Billion
Amnesty and free care for illegal aliens

Major Tax increases -- Tax increases will serve to cripple the economic recovery and make more people dependent on government controlled handouts.
Obama Healthcare Access Control Crapcare has a $1,000,000,000,000 Trillion Tax Gap
You will pay taxes on your Employer health care plans
Uninsured forced to spend 20% of income to be insured
Retired Union Members healthcare benefits are to be taxed
Obama adds more than $3000/yr of debt to every American
New taxes on Americans earning less than $250,000/yr
Americans pay an additional estimated $3500/yr for coverage

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