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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rationing Health Care

Government control of health care access: Other countries have tried it, other countries have shown us the way. Millions will suffer, thousands will die because of federalized health care. What can you do to get the care you need?

"Christmas is almost here. Have you bought something nice for your physician?

"No? Then you have not understood what the health care law is going to do to doctor-patient relationships.

"Does the word "rationing" come to mind?

"There are two ways of allocating scarce resources: by price or by decree. Health care is already under price controls for Medicare patients. This is going to spread.

"More demand. Fixed prices. Result: delays.

"If you ever have a condition that you think should be treated now, but the system says you must wait, you need an advocate to speak on your behalf. That advocate is your physician.

"Anything you can do today to improve your doctor-patient relationship is wise.

"If you are on Medicare, you are not allowed to pay a higher fee for service to anyone who services Medicare patients. But once a year, he can legally accept a Christmas gift, even if he's Jewish. Make it a nice one. Don't send a fruitcake.

"Enclose a card saying you appreciate his efforts on your behalf. It's part of the Christmas season."

Gary -Front of the Line- North,

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