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Thursday, March 4, 2010

"AP - The end game at hand, President Barack Obama took command Wednesday of one final attempt by Democrats to enact bitterly contested health care legislation, calling for an "up or down vote" within weeks under rules denying Republicans the ability to kill the bill with mere talk." AP Story

Mr Obama fielded a "new" old version of the Federalized Health Care Access Restrictions, aka ObamaCare. As everyone suspected, its just the old crap warmed over. No change, and far more arm twisting pressure.

The first "benefit" of ObamaCare is going to be an average tax increase of approximately of $3,800 per person (the 5.4 percent tax on modified adjusted gross income above $500,000 for individuals and $1 million for couples ain't gonna be enough). This is the only benefit from ObamaCare for the three years. No health care is paid out of the collected tax until 2013. This is what Mr Obama meant when he said repeatedly that a health care overhaul "will be paid for” and that he won’t sign a bill that isn’t deficit-neutral.

Tax first, waste it, never pay.

If the federal government proceeds along the usual trajectory, all monies paid into the account will be spent on other projects (lining their pockets) long before 2013. There is no organization on earth better suited to screwing up than the US government.

The Final Crud

Every day our lives are more closely supervised to "protect us." Everyday we lose more and more freedom and independence. In this light, Mr Obama is only the latest in the line of frauds who say they will give something to us when they take more away.

If you want the right to arrange your own health care, forget it. The government has taken control. If you want the right to support yourself in your retirement and old age, forget it. The government has taken over. Do you want to hang onto any independence at all? Forget it.

I can't believe people voted for him.

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