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Monday, March 15, 2010

Health care takeover and the big picture

Call me paranoid, but I think we're in even more trouble.

What if Pelosi's apparent difficulty raising enough votes to enact health care takeover is a put on? What if Republican House leader John Boehner is being played when he confidently predicts ObamaKare will be defeated. What if this is a set up?

After all, what would make the Republicans look more like buffoons than for them to dramatically underestimate the corruption in the Obama Administration. I don't.

Its clear Mr Obama is a crook, shiftier than Mr Nixon (who at least had good vision), more racist than Mr Jackson (who founded the Democratic Party). Mr Obama is the worst we've ever had.

The US may even lose its AAA debt rating because of Mr Obama's avarice and greed. Mr Obama is willing to spend your future to line his buddies pockets. Where else is the $3 trillion debt spent on our behalf? You'd expect to see some result.

Given all this, the Republicans will look pretty irrelevant if they misread the Demos determination to control access to health care.

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