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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It Was Inevitable

Washington DC staged a health care march. "Thousands" showed up to march in favor of government controlled health care access. They chanted mottoes such as "The market is the problem, government regulation is the answer." All the Democrats could hire was thousands. (Contrast that to the 1.5 million at the TEA Party events in WaDC.)

The Democratic Underground promoted the "peoples march." The government captive website, Labor Notes, posted the following.

"As health insurance lobbyists holed up in the Ritz-Carlton behind dozens of police in riot gear, thousands of health care activists surrounded the downtown D.C. hotel in a peaceful but pointed demonstration of anger and support for health care reform.

"The entire crowd was "deputized" to make citizen's arrests of insurance lobbyists for blocking health care reform.

"'When insurance companies come together to stop health care reform, that's a crime," said AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka as the crowd roared. "Congress should, Congress must, and Congress will listen to the people.'"

Washington State Senator, Patty Murray, scored by staging a meeting with an 11 year old boy who told a tale of woe about his mother's tragic death. Perhaps the boy's tale is true, and the boy deserves our pity, but not control of our health care.

Actually, it was Nancy Cordes, of the entirely free thinking and totally independent media outlet CBS, who found the child "from Seattle.” Anyway, Murray was happy with the fresh blood to wallow in. She re-told the tale to the Senate, the press corps and anyone else who could be forced to listen.

Murray had all the pathetic details lined up. A child, a mother, government health care.... Senator Murray is up for re-election this autumn and her poll numbers are poor. This event was tailor made for a display of phoniness and fraudulent concern. I'm convinced --- government restricted health care is the Way To Go, Senator Murray.

How much cheap stagecraft will we get?


Service Employees International is the Union which controls government workers. These union bosses could only shake up a few thousand to demonstrate, despite being handed billions of your dollars. The corruption of the SEIU is manifest. Do you want SEIU members administering your health care? Mr Obama's corrupting motive has been known for a long time. Now his method becomes clear.

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Anonymous said...

Now if you want to see what astroturf looks like, there you go.

This is nothing more than SEIU,ACORN,and other groups that dislike freedom,but enbrace progressive socialism.