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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Resist - Never Give Up!

The Democrats are now poised to impose the biggest tax in history. $1.068 Trillion per year. For "free" health care. And the health care part doesn't start until 2013. This is why the Demos say health care is a budget positive.

You've seen the Demo-puppets, now see the devastating tax

A trillion dollar tax will destroy the recovery. The resulting economy will be entirely command driven. The market is getting a death blow. Watch for Wall Street to finally figure out Obama is the enemy about mid-May.

The Democrats claim the economy needs for people to be insured by force. The Democrats claim this is a "compassionate" move. The Democrats have evil in their minds and sewerage in their hearts.

Resist! Keep calling Congress! Jam the switchboard! Especially if it's busy! Toll free (877) 762-8762 or use (202) 224-3121 or (202) 225-3121


The Democrazies know this will get them unelected and they will most likely lose control of the Congress. But they know they solidly control the Press and the government union (SEIU) big bosses. Combined, that is a big mouthpiece.

The economic downturn caused by the Demos massive destruction will require a lot of political muscle to correct. On top of that, the communist 'mainstream' Press and the SEIU will harp constantly that the Republicans caused the very economic mess the Demos caused. Lies have always worked well for the Left.

We need to remember the economic downturn started during the Democratic Party control of the Congress, where laws are made. George Bush was President, and he idiosyncratically signed all the Demos destructive bills into law. New Tone. Ha!

We need to immunize ourselves against hearing and noise from the authoritarian Left. They caused the blight for their own power. We can fix, for us and for them. Freedom is a public good. We must all be free, or none of us are.

No enslavement to Government!


I've been in the People's Paradise of California. The Democratic Party has perpetually badly managed California. San Diego tap water tastes terrible, partly due to massive government neglect. Now my mouth knows what my car feels like when it is parked under a tree full of birds.

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