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Thursday, June 10, 2010

"... electricity rates will skyrocket"

Mr Obama got closer to his stated policy objective of skyrocketing electricity rates today with the defeat of the Murkowski Amendment. The Senate also abdicated its role in policy making by their implicit authorization of the EPA to lay and collect new taxes.

In the US, electricity retails for an average of $.1072 per kilowatt hour in residential use. The predicted increase in rates will make that more like $.30 per kwh.

Gasoline will also go up. During the campaign Mr Obama stated his policy objective was to impose a federal fuel tax in the neighborhood of $4 or $5 per gallon. There is no equal to a politician's greed.

As serious as the impact on American energy prices is that the Congress will be unable to affect these rates; the Senate turned over legislating new taxes to the executive.

If you voted for change, you got it. We are now definitely headed into a despotic state, thanks to the ironically named "Democratic" Party. This is serious insurrection against the people. We need to be prepared for almost any abuse of power now.

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