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Monday, June 7, 2010

Leftist Imperialism

The Left makes moral equivalence between our nation fighting for its survival, and their attempts at its destruction. We must resist, and our resistance must grow teeth. If we continue to resist in reticence, we only make the struggle longer. And delay is all the Left needs to succeed.

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"Progressive activists who helped elect Barack Obama president complained on Monday that the administration and congressional Democrats have been too timid and too willing to compromise."

"Even though Obama's major first-term achievement — an overhaul of the nation's health care system — passed without a single Republican vote, progressive leaders who gathered in Washington criticized the president for failing to create a government-run insurance option to compete with private industry."
. . .

"'The White House has been an uncertain trumpet,' said Robert Borosage, a co-director of the Campaign for America's Future, a progressive organization. 'The administration's reforms were too often too timid from the start and too readily compromised along the way.'"


Leftists and the so-called "progressives" have an intellectual model of society focused on structure. The structure concept suggests theirs is a rigid, unchanging worldview... a perfect model of a dead society. Plus Leftists think that political power is a mandate to impose their views on everyone who does not share those views. Its no wonder when the Left gets power society begins to die.

Economics, as a dynamic science, is beyond the Left. Most Leftist economists you meet are superb at econometrics, making the measurements, but they have no clear idea of what impels a market to function, and why it can change so quickly.

One change is complete collapse. The Left once again misunderstands that a massive government debt can collapse an economy. People will survive, but nothing will be the same.

Business is what people do when they want to make a living. If massive debt weren't enough, the Obama administration is laying so many burdens on small business that many owners will bag it. The Left will be mystified by how merely doubling the time required to do accounting for the IRS can result in a dramatic increase in business failures (under threat of audit).

You see, the Left has cheerfully added on a massive increase in required 1099 filings. The uptick in small business failures will be very soon. Their punitive attitude is already destroying capital formation. An easy-to-see thermometer of this is the Dow index. Its falling. We're in for a long cold winter.


Group decisions of personal matters are another way the Left intrudes its long nose into people's lives. A motto of the Soviet regime shortly after the October Revolution was, "The personal life in dead in Russia." They weren't kidding. Centralized control of health care access is a perfect example of the Left intruding into the personal life.


No matter that high officials also expect and get away with all kinds of misbehavior. Witness the Sestak bribery case. The Left is so fond of its authoritarian regime they seek to bury this story instead of investigating it. If there is substance to the story, and it leads all the way to Mr Obama, he has committed a felonious crime worthy of removal.

Why would anyone willingly choose to support an authoritarian regime like this one? These Leftists must have completely lost any sense of self-worth to long for a despot to rule over them.

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