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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Billions in Equality!

Many private US companies have billions of dollars in cash reserves. Today's stylish Leftist is insisting those private companies ought not to be driven by profit, but ought to be forced by government to use up cash reserves to hire people and "end the recession." The indignant whiner will say, "profit" as though it were an obscenity.

Yep. This indignant Leftist rave was heard this morning on CNBC, the television arm of the the General Electric (Obama's pet corporation).

But wait, GE! Private companies are saving that money to pay huge new health care taxes imposed by greedy Democratic Party politicians. Obama's minions say the companies must have the tax money or else.

What about some companies are making profit! How about taxing that away to hire people to do something. After all it would be compassionate to "put people first," or some similar pack of garbage. The greedy "Democratic" politicians ignore the fact that we need to have profitable companies if we are ever going to get out of this depression.

The American Economic Depression is caused by government re-allocation resources in a way which is so wasteful that no one can make plans. If the Left were truly serious about easing unemployment and starting economic recovery, they would celebrate whenever a company made profit.

The greedy Democratic Party sees a patch of green in the economic landscape and they start screeching about "profit! profit! profit!" They go set fire to the profitable living spot of the economy, to make sure there is nothing for everyone.

That's equality!

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