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Friday, October 29, 2010

Civics review (What? Again?)

Lets see if I remember this from high school civics class.

The President makes policy. Congress makes law.

Now the pattern of history of the last thirty years:

1980 - Republican Reagan struggled with a Demo controlled Congress (where the laws are made), and the country went into debt. Mr Reagan won release for productive forces of the economy, and the country did well.

1988 - Republican veep Bush took the reigns of government and more-or-less continued Mr Reagan's policies. Mr GHW Bush was not as charming as Mr Reagan, and had a tough time with the Demos in Congress (where the laws are made). The country went into debt. The economy wobbled. The country did okay.

1992- Demo Clinton set a record debt with a Demo controlled Congress.

1994 - The People got sensible and put the Republicans in control of Congress. Debt burden and economic stricture eased. The "Democratic" Party & Demo Clinton stole the credit for debt reduction. Nonetheless, the country did well.

2000 - Mr "Compassionate Conservative," GW Bush took over and browbeat the Republican Congress into stupid RINO liberalism. Mr Bush was a likable man, or else this probably would not have happened. In the event, the country accumulated debt, but the economy did okay.

2006 - Demos take control of Congress (where the laws are made) and the country went into economic paralysis. The "Democratic" Party controlled press blamed GW Bush.

2008 - The Demos got the White House too. The country goes into a total tailspin, the lose of liberty is epic, and the debt grows like never before in history.

2010 -

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