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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cookie Drive

The Treasury has issued trillions of new US Government debt. That made the normal liquidity (loan) market dry up for private borrowing by small fry like us citizens. Meanwhile the big corporate names like General Electric have gone on a borrowing spree. The big corporations have the resources (and Obama Administration backing) to pay back huge loans. Which they will do with cheaper dollars once the Obama government created inflation kicks in.

You see, the Federal Reserve announced last week they will buy US Government Treasury notes. The government will directly buy government debt. This hokey move, not used since the Carter Administration, insures we will have inflation pretty darn soon. Anticipating this, the dollar has fallen 30% against the Yen.

The Obama sponsored inflation will rob the Americans who are trying to save up dollars to pay for the massive increase in taxation the Obama crowd have devised. Which means your first free medicine under the GI Issued medical plan will be aspirin for that whopping headache....

Whoops! The Obama Administration won't start dispensing free medicines until 2012.


Officious Obama & Co. have run up the debt by $3 trillion in two years. Mr Bush and his group ran up the debt by less than $1 trillion in 8 years. Mr Bush was a leftist who was not really good for the nation, but he was a nice guy. At least Mr Obama can spend like there's no tomorrow.


Its been more than 18 months since the Obama Administration launched the Stimulus Bill. There is something about 18 months in the US Economy. 18 months is how long it takes for a government economic act to manifest itself fully. The current economic doldrums are entirely the result of the economic planning of the Obama Administration and its cronies. When they took over, they tried to micromanage everything. Naturally they failed.

Remember that heroic Stimulus Bill? Spending the stimulus money would be "done wisely and would create jobs." Sarcastically put, the bill saved us from the terrors of 8% unemployment. So far, Stimulus 1.0 and subsequent government indebtedness have worked as well as any thinking person expected they would. So Mr Obama and his cronies are humping for Stimulus 2.0 as our way out of the economic slump. This shows that chronic obsessive behavior is unfortunate for an individual and a disaster for the nation.

But the slightly psychotic Mr Obama can't let go. He promised to re-make the nation. It worked. He remade us from a reasonably happy nation with a somewhat troubled economy, from full employment into a nation which may soon be sucking around for basics like shelter and food.

Thanks a lot.

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