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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dreariness of Pointless Change

I wish I had a bone of hope to gnaw on….

What’s wrong with modern American liberalism and the “Democratic” Party.

A lot of people out there still think the purpose of government is to restrict/control people. Instead of a land filled with the possibilities of human life, America has become a land of "No, you can't."

The "can’t-ers" short circuit all the great prospects of life. Instead of affirming the people who soar high and open up the vista of life, they seek to cage life in little, safe packages. Mediocrity is enforced. Plainness is required.

Weirdly, this impulse to stifle is growing in intensity. Soon, all of life in the land of the formerly free will be dirty rat gray. No one will be allowed to excel, no one will be allowed to stand out.

An interesting historical footnote is that? Mr Ted Kennedy drafted much of the content of the Bush educational act popularly called "No child left behind." Teachers widely vilified the act as "No child gets ahead."

Compared to any of his brothers, the late Ted Kennedy was drab personality. Ever since his date with his secretary, and her consequent drowning at Chappaquiddick, Teddy used all of us who are still breathing. He orchestrated her death after he used her. He orchestrated the death of the vibrant American in the same spiteful sport.

It figures the alcoholic rat-gray Teddy Kennedy, running from his conscience, would draft the act which would suck the life out of American youth.

The paragon and hero of the "Democratic" Party sought this result to assure an enhancement of their power base among the helpless and plain. Its paying off very well for them.


Under democracy, whatever the majority decides is law. The majority can change at any moment and the law changes in an instant. There is no stability, no security, no safety.

In a republic, basic rights are secured for everyone. The human rights part of law does not change and society grows on a firm foundation. In a republic, the strong are just, the weak secure and the peace preserved.

The best system would combine the strength of democracy and republic. The security of a republic, with the stability of protecting the rights of the minority, would be reinforced by the use of democracy to check the aggressions of an ambitious politician.

Yet, here in Bizarro world, the worst tyrannies call themselves "democratic republics."

The American system is failing because the People have been taught the democratic political system is all that matters. The republican ideal of equal right before the law is something to be taken away from people. They no longer care nor understand that the instability in a pure democracy will collapse the political system, destroy their wealth and make them miserable. Inevitably, the nation is headed into poverty, dictatorship and civil war.


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