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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconsin at the Barricades

We live in a world of polarities -- there is room for compromise. But the Democratic Party calls it compromise when the other side completely loses.

The Wisconsin Senate plans to de-fang the public employees union by reducing the planned increases in public employees pay, and removing the right of public workers to strike.

The Democrats have other plans. They had trapped the people of Wisconsin. The Democrats wanted the people to pay massive tax hikes so the Democrats can claim they are 'giving' their public union buddies free stuff. And they want to fool the people into thinking the Democrats are not shielding their own rich.

The Party protesters insist they rally only to keep workers rights, not for higher pay. This is intentional deception. Part and parcel of collective bargaining rights is the right to strike for higher pay, more medical, child care, or whatever. If the Wisconsin public employees unions keep their right to strike, they will strike for these things.

Lets use the smell test: In Wisconsin, people can use the initiative petition to make law. If there is real backing for the Public Unions and the Democratic Party demands, they can do an initiative and force the Senate to increase pay.

But the people of Wisconsin would vote against that, so The unions and Democrats stage sleep-ins in the rotunda and get their Party controlled press to bark for them.

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