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Friday, May 20, 2011

Middle East Speech Muddle

Obama missed an opportunity to apologize for America. That's the only bright spot in an otherwise failed speech.

Middle Easterners have already grown distrustful of Obama. In their mind, he has frittered away the hope they had in him from his 2009 Cairo speech.

Obama claimed he was with the Egyptians from the beginning, a claim which rings hollow. Recall Obama's positions were so nuanced as to be meaningless. The widespread view in Egypt is he was with the Mubarak government, and the $2 billion in aid will have too many strings attached.

He told the Libyans they wanted to be free. The Libyans already knew that. Obama pledged US help, so I suspect that is one promise he load with so much nuance it cannot be kept.

Obama finally notice Bahrain was having uprising.

Syria is hearing the same sort of double talk the Egyptians heard. Obama told Syria's president Bashar al-Assad he must make nice. There was no stick or carrot. There'll be no good result, and Syrians democracy movement will be alienated from the US..


Give away Israel

Obama insisted Israel pull back to its 1967 borders to achieve peace (this includes giving up Jerusalem). Picking on the little guy is Obama's specialty. If you are small and voiceless, he will use your dead bodies to get what he wants. For some screwy reason, American Jews do not mind if their brethren in Israel take a beating.

Israel have already given up much ground in exchange for peace which subsequently eluded them. The Hamas insists Israel to be removed from the map; they are not seeking peace. Since the Palestinian government is now Hamas hands, Israel has finally recognized land-for-peace swaps will not work.

Historically, such swaps never worked. Hitler said to give the Nazi's the Sudetenland and there would be no more demands. Chamberlain gave the Nazis that part of Czechoslovakia. We all know how well that worked out.


The policy factory

Obama has only one policy matrix. It amounts to eating the unstylish, the voiceless, the un-Politically Correct. Its a policy approach which smashes the little guy and violates human hopes and aspiration. He used it to build his domestic policies, and he uses it to build international policy. Its superficial and dangerous.


The Hope

"Our hope is not yet lost,
The hope of two thousand years,
To be a free nation in our land,
The land of Zion and Jerusalem."
-- from the Israeli national anthem

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