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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Obama set up the fiscal cliff in 2010.

by Barky Harebrained Obama

Two quotes from the ABC news story, "A Very Different Lame-Duck: Lessons From 2010"
"President Obama and [the lame duck] Congress managed to extend the Bush tax cuts... ."

"[Democrats set] the Bush tax cuts ... to expire and budget sequestration set to kick in [now]"
The law Mr Obama signed in 2010 is now abhorrent to him. He no longer wishes to extend the Bush era tax cuts. Mr. Obama insists the Bush tax cuts are tax cuts for the wealthy.

What Mr Obama approved in 2010, he despises in 2012. Really?

Seems Mr Obama approved the Bush era tax cuts only because the Democrats had been beaten in 2010. He, and the Democrat party bosses, knew if they put the right time limit on the fiscal cliff they created, it would run out on the Republican House majority in 2012. It did. No one said Democrats can't plan.

In order to grab more power and prestige, Obama got his chums in the Democratic party controlled media to focus the fiscal cliff story on the Republicans. This is clearly manipulation. In fact, its clear Obama planned to be intractable in any negotiation. Witness Obama and the Democrats are taking the side opposite the one they took in 2010.

No wonder Mr Obama and the Democrats have so screwed up the country. Why did we re-eelct this deceitful politician?

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