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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SOTU, etc - on the take.

Mr Obama made an interesting, and predictable claim.

"The [US economy] lowest unemployment rate in over five years." Barack Obama 2014

The US government Bureau of Labor Statistics published a graph which presents a more accurate pictures:

Actual employment (stated in millions) has decline precipitously since January, 2009
You see, Mr Obama has to lie.  He has completely screwed the pooch so far.  It is unwise to believe he can handle anything.


The Congressional Budget Office issued a statement that ObamaCare will result in the reduction of hours spent working by the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs by 2024.  (1, 2). 

"Most of the reduction in employment will be due to workers opting out of fulltime employment" says Mediaite.  ObamaCare is not a job killer, they insist.  But ObamaCare removes the incentive to work.

So ObamaCare is a job killer, unless you want to mince words.  This puts ObamaCare firmly in line with the rest of Mr Obama's economic policies.


In other news,

The White House issued a fantasy press release about how ObamaCare (which they call the ACA) is "slowing health care cost growth."  That explains why my insurance premium went up $160 per month.  The Left is insane.

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